Mosaic Art for Sale

Polly: $150

Mosaic done in stained glass and wood with black frame.

Day at the Beach: Sold

Mosaic created with layered sea glass with a epoxy resin overlay. LED lights surround the inside of the outer frame and the outside of the center frame. Both frames are done in a crackled finish. The mirror in the center is approximately 20"x16". 

In Orbit$50.00

Mosaic done in glass tile, beads, and stained glass. Frame in a bronze finish.

Now & Zen: Sold

Mosaic done in red mirrored glass, green and purple glass with stone tiles. Black frame.

Seashells & Sand: SOLD

Mosaic done in glass tiles, sea glass, shells, coral, and sand. Piece has a epoxy overlay. White and blue crackle finish frame. 

Butterfly Garden: $150.00

Mosaic done in stained glass and vintage glass medallions. Vintage frame.

Water & Earth: $150.00

Mosaic done in earth tones in mirrored and stained glass. May be hung horizontally or vertically. Frame is done in a painted bronze finish. 

Under the Sea: Sold

Mosaic done in stained glass, shells, jewelry piecesand blown glass figures. Epoxy overlay on the finish with a black frame.

Serenity: $900.00

Mosaic done with river rock, mirrored and stained glass. High-gloss black frame.

See Through The Vines: Sold

Oval shaped mosaic framed mirror.  Done in stained glass.

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind mosaics that will make a statement in your home or office.

To purchase one of these mosaics or to inquire about a custom piece, contact Shelly Bird.

Kaleidoscope: $85.00

Mosaic done in stained glass with glass beads with a white frame.