Nancy Timm

Nancy is recognized by clients, peers, and management for delivering quality service while staying on budget and producing on schedule.

Contact Nancy at 414-651-1358 or

If selling your home is in your future, be sure to contact Nancy Timm to maximize its beauty and appeal to prospective sellers. Nancy will select just the right furniture, artwork, colors, and home accents to bring out its character. And when you move into your new home, Nancy can help you select the best interior designs that match your own personal taste and style.

Real Estate & Interior Design Services



Need help developing a winning sales proposal or grant? Does your resume and cover letter need polishing and proofreading? Or do you have an important document that needs a skilled editor? Turn to Michelle Schoenecker for expert writing and editing assistance. Her freelance services include:

  • Writing and editing proposals of all types and sizes
  • Editing journal articles, theses, dissertations, and scientific documents
  • Developing and editing fellowship and scholarship applications
  • Editing book chapters
  • Editing and formatting resumes and cover letters
  • Writing and editing Web site content

Michelle has a Master's degree in Professional & Technical Writing and nearly 20 years of professional writing experience in the for-profit, academic, and non-profit sectors. Contact Michelle at 414-588-3766 or

Writing & Editing

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As a designer and service provider, I know how important it is to work with skilled professionals that you can count on. The following professionals are experts in their fields and who I trust to help me get my work done.
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